Fukuoka Bio Factory

Fukuoka Bio Factory

It is core hub of Bio Industry to make the future.

Fukuoka Pref. and Kurume City promote the Fukuoka Bio Valley Project to integrate Bio Industry such as bio-venture companies and research organizations around Kurume region

Outline of the factory

Location: 1488-4, Aikawa-machi, Kurume City (inside Aikawa High-tech Park)

Site area: Approx.1,620m2,  Total floor area: Approx.2,220m2

Rooms: 15 rooms, approx.1,530m2

Security: 24-hour mechanical security service provided (finger vein authentication)

Structure: 4-story steel frame structure

Common facilities: Conference room, Business meeting room, Refresh corner, Elevator (available for 11 persons/750kgs), Hoist Crane (Max.2 tons), Parking lot (available for 7 cars on site and 60 cars in the adjacent land)

Entrance · Information
Conference room
Refresh room
Lease room
Business meeting room
Hoist type crane

Fukuoka Bio Factory plan view


Tenancy Qualification

(1) Small to medium-sized companies aiming to expand their business by conducting trials and productions in this factory to put the result of R&D into practical uses in biotechnology and a related field.

(2) Individual having a new business plan of a bio-related field and seeking to conduct trials and productions in this factory to put the results of R&D into practical uses.

(Note) We conduct a tenant screening of qualifications as needed.

(Note) Tenant period is within 5 years in principle unless the judging committee admits.

There may be cases where companies, individuals, organizations and research institutions such as Universities having ripple effects to regional industries in bio-related fields are eligible to be tenant.

Please contact us for details.

Monthly Charge

Room Fee

  (New tenants) Max. 3 years  

 Monthly charge: 2,133 yen/m2 (including common service fee and tax)

  (After 4th year)

 Monthly charge: 2,933 yen/m2 (including common service fee and tax)


  (Note) Light, fuel, water and telephone expenses will be added separately.

  (Note) Room makeover must be approved by us in advance.


●Parking (Charged)

  17 cars available in the factory’s property: 5,400yen/month (including tax)

  60 cars available in the adjacent land (2 minute walk): 5,400 yen/month (including tax)

  250 cars available in Research Park (8 minute walk): 3,400 yen/month (including tax)

F-BF leaflet

contact information

Kurume Research Co., Ltd.

Bio Division
Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Industry Center Promotion Conference
1-1 Hyakunenkouen, Kurume-Shi, Fukuoka 839-0864 JAPAN

Tel : +81-942-37-6124

Fax : +81-942-37-6367

E-mail : fbv@krp.ktarn.or.jp