Fukuoka Bio Incubation Center

Fukuoka Bio Incubation Center

History of Center Establishment

Fukuoka Bio Incubation Center is placed in Kurume City in order to promote Fukuoka Bio Valley Project.  It is the core hub of Fukuoka Bio Valley accepting bio-venture companies, projects such as industry-academic-government collaboration.

Laboratory entrance
Refresh room
Security -1
Meeting room
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Fukuoka Bio Incubation Center plan view


Tenancy Qualifications

(1) Companies with plans to expand their business through research and development in bio-technology or a related field, or individuals with a new business plan

(2) Companies or individuals to use there as a laboratory in order to conduct industry-academic

-government collaboration researches in a bio-related field.

(Note) Tenant period is within 5 years in principle unless the judging committee admits the extension.

 (It is impossible to exceed 10 years in principle.)

(Note) We conduct a tenant screening of qualifications as needed.

There may be cases where companies, individuals, organizations and research institutions such as Universities having ripple effects to regional industries in a bio-related field are eligible to be tenant. Please contact us for details.

●Tenancy Standards of Laboratory with experimental equipment

・Applicants must possess outstanding techniques

・Our equipment must be essential to the research and development to be performed by applicants.

・Applicants must possess fewer funds to establish these facilities.

Monthly Charge

Room Fee

(New tenants)Max. 3 years  

 Monthly charge 2,035 yen/m2 (including common service fee and tax)

(After 4th year)

 Monthly charge  3,300 yen/m2 (including common service fee and tax)

contact information

Kurume Research Co., Ltd.

Bio Division
Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Industry Center Promotion Conference
1-1 Hyakunenkouen, Kurume-Shi, Fukuoka 839-0864 JAPAN

Tel : +81-942-37-6124

Fax : +81-942-37-6367

E-mail : fbv@krp.ktarn.or.jp