Functional Food Development

Fukuoka prefectural support system for “Foods with Function Claims”   Flow
*you may have to wait depending on application status
*the required time and cost of SR and Clinical Trial shown above are just a reference.  Please directly contact the 
 outsourcing contractors for details.  Please contact Kurume Research Park if you don’t know the contractors.
Information about all kinds of support systems to file “Foods with Function Claims”
Consultation service for development of
“Foods with Function Claims”
Free of charge
(Max. 2 times)

★To receive an individual advice from the expert

*First-time applicants are from here.

Content: Expert consultation to file “Foods with Function Claims”

Consultation date: It will be decided after receipt of an application. (The consulting is about 1hour at one time.)

Consultation charge: Free up to 2 times

★Connoisseur Investigation of “Clinical Trials or Search Reviews” needed to file “Foods with Function Claims” will be conducted by Faculty of Agriculture, Kyusyu University and the result will be reported.

Connoisseur Investigation of the system for “Foods with Function Claims”
Free of charge


・the companies having used an consultation service for development of “Foods with Function Claims”

・the companies planning to file ”Foods with Function Claims” to Consumer Affairs Agency (Systematic Review: within 1 year, Clinical Trial: within 2 years)

Investigations charge: Free

Content of investigation: Information of availability to file (such as considerations on functional mechanism, information about basic papers and functionality)

Workshops to file “Foods with Function Claims”
Free of charge

★To systematically lean the guideline from Consumer Affairs Agency.

★To fill in the documents (with using general exemplary ingredients) in OJT style and be advised by instructors.

★To inquire specific questions individually.

Applicants: the companies having been attended all workshops and applied for consulting service and connoisseur investigation to file to Consumer Affairs Agency.

Contents of workshops:

・System of “Foods with Function Claims” and the guideline to submit documents.

・The basis of safety, quality control of production and manufacture

・The basis of functionality (Clinical Trials, Systematic Review) 

・The system to collect information about health damage and its contents to be indicated.

・Trends and countermeasures for appropriate filing.

Support system to check filing documents on “Foods with Function Claims” (Entire filing documents are checked by 3rd party.)

★To have filing documents checked by the expert.

Applicants: the companies having completed the consulting service and connoisseur investigations.

Contents to be checked:

・The valid materials of functionality (Clinical Trials, Systematic Review) and safety at the scientific level.

・Non-existence of deviation from the guidelines and other notifications.

・Non-existence of errors being considered as questionable information by Consumer Affairs Agency.

Cost: 50,000 yen (plus tax)

■The expert at the consulting service


Dr. Kenichi Kakino, CEO of Evaluation Center of Health and Nutrition Inc.

・The expert of consulting service, workshops and support to check filing documents (3rd party check).

・Many achievements (including public lectures) on supporting “Foods with Function Claims”.

・The workshop coordinator for Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database.

■The investigator of Connoisseur Investigation


Dr. Kuniyoshi Shimizu, Associate Professor, Department of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyusyu University.

・The researches on functionality of nature materials (foods, crude drugs, drug discovery, aroma, cosmetic, toiletry, living space such as wood and rush)

・The winner of a number of awards such as The 64th Annual Meeting of the Japan Wood Research Society.