Enrollment guidance

Guidance of the enrollment

Fukuoka Prefecture and Kurume City, in order to actively promote “Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Valley Project” aiming to create new industry based on biotechnology and integrate bio-related companies and research organizations, have established “Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Industry Center Promotion Conference” on September 26, 2001 that is  industry-academia-government collaboration as a core of promoting organization of the project.

We support R&D through providing the industry-academia-government collaboration such as seminars and planning/promoting the bio-related projects, also are engaged in development and assistance of venture companies.

 With great incubating facility and factory, the number of current members is 635 as of September 1, 2019, which consists of 445 companies, 45 administrative and research organizations and 145 universities (researchers).

Major support activities

・Supports of R&D, technology development (commissioned and grant-aided projects), development supports for venture companies, maintenance of bio incubation facility and bio factory for trials.

・Assistance by experts such as bio industry promotion producer, incubation manager, director for commercialization, drug discovery adviser.

  Supports for the industry-academia-government collaboration/exchange and attending exhibitions.

・Enhanced member-support system especially on workshops and consulting service project for “Foods with Function Claims” development

Merits of the enrollment 

●No enrollment and membership fees. (We hope you will participate actively in our activities.)

●Eligible to apply to support projects for bio-related developments including commissioned projects

    (It is only for members, the medium to small sized companies and the medium-sized companies in Fukuoka Prefecture.)

□Fukuoka Prefectural R&D Support Project to create new Product and Technology

  ・Feasibility Studies: up to one million yen x 1 year

  ・Development Support (Specific Regional Type): up to 2.5 million yen x 1 year

  ・Development Support : up to 4 million yen x 2 years

  ・Commercialization Support: up to 8 million yen x 2 years

   *Each of them is within 2/3 of the target project expense

□Development Support in Foods with Function Claims; Consulting Service  ( Free of charge up to 2 times)

□Development Support in Foods with Function Claims; Document Investigation (Free of charge)

*Above projects are available on the premise that the Prefecture and City budgets are established.

Please check each application period in advance.


●Attendance at lecture meetings

 (We provide biotechnology research, business and administrative information for companies promoting R&D.)

●Attendance at a general meeting held on around July and workshops

(Participation is free.  Exchange meeting is charged.)

●Collaboration with Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center (Biotechnology and Food Research Institute etc.) and Fukuoka Industry, Science & Technology Foundation etc.

●Getting competitive fund for research and development

●Receipt of e-mail newsletter as collecting application information of above projects.

●Consultation about other biotechnology.    

Contact Information

Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Industry Center Promotion Conference

Kurume Research Park Co., Ltd.

1-1 Hyakunenkouen, Kurume City, Fukuoka 839-0864, JAPAN

Tel : +81-942-37-6124 Fax : +81-942-37-6367
E-mail : fbv@krp.ktarn.or.jp