FY2018 Fukuoka prefectural program on Product Development Project Workshop; Call for entries of topics of this project

As part of the Fukuoka Bio Valley Product promoted by Fukuoka Pref. and Kurume City, this project supports product developments in a biotechnology-related field such as food and cosmetics.   We seek your topics to be discussed and studied for development of marketable products with advice from the experts.


◇Applicants: Applicants must fulfil the following requirements.

  1. The members (*) of Fukuoka Prefectural Bio Industry Center Promotion Conference. 

  2. They own their business offices in Fukuoka Pref.

  3. They mainly conduct R&D of a biotechnology-related field including food and cosmetics, and plan to commercialize in Fukuoka based on the results of R&D.

  4. Medium to small sized companies (including medium-sized companies with capital is 1 billion yen or less) and incorporated medium-to- small sized groups such as associations.

(*)  For an application, please visit our website. The membership fee is free.


◇Details of support


To obtain advice from a market development adviser, a food development promotor (Biological Food Institute), an agriculture-commerce-industry cooperation adviser and researchers of university or public R&D institutes, and also perform matching with joint development companies by the coordinators

(2) Grant

To grant the cost of calling on advisers for workshops, such as reward and travelling expenses, and cost of renting a meeting venue.

When deemed especially necessary, for the market investigation and marketing channel development fee etc., approx. three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand per one topic is granted.

◇Application period     As needed.